Membership Application

Full membership is open for anyone who's surname is one of the accepted name spellings, anyone who is married to someone with an acceptable name, or anyone who is a descendant of anyone with an acceptable name. (You can see a list of names on the Home page) Research is ongoing so if you have a name that you think might be part of Clan Macfie, contact president Jim McAfee,  

Associate membership is open to anyone who is interested in the clan, or clan heritage. An associate member is welcome to wear the clan tartan and participate in any clan gatherings, but is not able to vote.  

Membership Options:  

Family Membership (Husband, wife and all children living at home, under 18 years of age) -- $25.00 annually

Individual Membership, $15.00 annually  

Individual Membership, over 65 years of age-- $7.00 annually  

Associate Membership  $10.00 annually  

One Time: Sponsorship  $500.00 (Lifetime membership)

Life Membership for those 65 years of age or older--$200.00  

To apply for membership, download and print off the membership application. Fill it out, and indicate which type of membership you prefer. If possible include a family tree, either printed or on a CD, then mail it along with the membership fee to:

Diane Swenson
216 Spring Street, Apt 1
Newport, RI 02840
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